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Do you play violin or piano? Do you have an expensive tuba player? Do you come from a musical family? Well, if your answers are yes to these questions, then you have to think about purchasing the musical instrument and musical equipment insurance.

Instrument Insurance

You would have purchased your musical instruments with a lot of love and dreams. It is best to protect your best assets by purchasing insurance. Though you may be having a vintage guitar, it will remain valuable and close to your heart. You would not be willing to sell it even for thousand million dollars. If you have such collections in your home, then you have to think about signing up for musical instrument insurance. There are several general insurance companies that provide protection and coverage for your equipment. But it is advisable to contact dedicated and experienced musical instrument insurance company.

Best Insurance for Musical Instruments

We provide the best insurance policy and benefits for your customers. Our insurance policy is cost effective, affordable and flexible. We provide insurance for different types of musical equipment and musical instruments. Some of our benefits include;

  • Pay on a monthly basis. We will not charge any additional cost when you pay on monthly basis.
  • Our policy will cover against loss, accidental damage, fire, or theft.
  • It will also cover for damages that occur during transit.
  • Depreciation amount will be calculated if the musical instrument gets damaged or fired.
  • If needed, we will make arrangement to provide new instruments for old and damaged instruments.
  • We provide options like the personal accidental coverage and public liability insurance along with the musical instrument policy.
  • We offer unlimited professional use for the insured equipment.


Our Musical Instrument Insurance Comparison

We have a group of experienced musical insurance specialists in your company. They will be ready to assist you from the time you approach us for details, deciding the right policy and purchasing the policy to coverage and making a claim. You have to mail us or submit your requirement in our website and our experienced insurance specialists will contact you for details and quotes.

No matter whether you have digital, electronic, woodwind, or stringed instruments, you can simply contact our company to purchase insurance for you and your musical instruments. We know about the trends in the music industry and provide solutions keeping the scenario in mind. We are a specialist musical instrument insurance company in the city. We help to safeguard your valuable equipment and instruments.