DJ Insurance

The DJ insurance program is exclusively designed for event holders and DJs who use the venues and facilities for performance. We ensure to make the policy simple, affordable and reliable. If you have plans to fix your next concert in a hotel or hall, then ensure to book with your DJ insurance policy. Our insurance premiums are priced very low than our competitors. You would have not seen the premium prices less than our prices anywhere in the city. We have designed a customized system for public liability insurance and DJ insurance that will help to provide high coverage limits and lower premiums.

Concert and DJ Insurance Policy

Music is the main sole to bring in the party mood. If you are a DJ, then you would be aiming to bring joy and happiness to patrons and clients. You will be trying to make their party time a good time and let them dance the best for your music. As you are going to perform in a public environment, there are chances for accidents or other wrong incidents. You have to be very cautious and ensure whether the entire set up in right. You would have invested a large amount in your equipments, and it has to be maintained and brought back after finishing the performance.


The equipment or instruments should not cause any trouble to the patrons as well as it should not fail in the middle of the performance. If, in case, you are experiencing an accident, you can make use of the DJ insurance policy to cover up the damage.

DJ Equipment Insurance

There are chances to face problems when you are planning a laser show, moving the equipment or using the fog machine. Why do you need to take the risk of entering into a costly liable lawsuit or chances of losing your gear without protection? Sign up with Best Insurance Rates and get the exclusive DJ insurance policy. It will help to protect your investment and your equipment in a rewarding career.

Some of the best DJ systems you have to cover are as follows.

  • DJ Mixer
  • Microphones
  • Stereo cables
  • Headphones
  • Laptop
  • Mixable CD players
  • Turntables
  • Two or more number of passive speakers
  • Amp
  • Active speak that has built in amp

We serve to protect your equipment when you move from one place to another. Our DJ and DJ Equipment Insurance policy will cover when you are using the equipment at private events or different locations.